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Building a Virtual Community around Accounting Practices in Latin America and Caribbean

The international community recognizes that sound accounting and auditing practices are the cornerstone of a well-functioning market economy and an efficient public sector and, in turn, for equitable and sustainable economic development. In Latin America, the CReCER conferences (Spanish acronym of Accounting and Accountability for Regional Economic Growth) that began in 2007 were a groundbreaking first step in bringing together policymakers from across the region to discuss ways to improve reporting and management of corporate and public finances, share lessons learned, and interact with international experts in the fields of accounting and auditing.

By 2010, the success of the CReCER conferences and the rising demand for more opportunities to exchange information and cooperate beyond the conferences led to the creation of a CReCER Community of Practice (CoP). The GDLN Americas Foundation took on the task of creating the interactive virtual platform for CReCER. Today, nearly 400 policymakers actively blog, post local events, and share the latest news and resources. In addition, GDLN partners across the region, under the coordination of the GDLN Americas Foundation and the support of the GDLN Center, UNDP Nicaragua,  host videoconference-based dialogues and group discussions that connect policymakers across countries around key topics in improving financial reporting and audit practices in the public and corporate sectors. 

Commenting on the project, David Martinez, the Operations Policy and Country Services Officer in the World Bank's Latin America and Caribbean Region said: "The CoP has allowed accountants and auditors in Latin America and the Caribbean the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices more dynamically. They have strengthened the accountancy profession in the Region which, in turn provided a platform to interact more regularly maximizing impact on accounting and auditing reforms." 

The CReCER CoP has been instrumental in expanding access to information, disseminating good practices, and building a broad base of support for CreCER’s work through collaborating with institutions across the region that would otherwise not have had the chance to participate in the conferences.


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